Ticking registered manager timebomb

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The most recently reported data on registered managers in the adult social care sector has found that half of all registered managers are over 50. The figure rises to 60% of all registered managers in nursing homes. This could see the sector lose 10,000 registered managers in the next 15 years.

The issue of registered manager retention is also high with annual turnover rates being around 1/5 a year according to CQC’s own data. Vacant registered manager posts within the adult social care sector average 12% and providers without registered managers are vulnerable to fixed penalty notices from CQC as the existence of a registered manager is a condition of registration.

Approximately 2 in 3 registered managers have been in their current position for longer than three years and almost half have been in their role for more than seven years (though not necessarily in the same location).

These figures could highlight a crisis within management of care homes which could result in a further crisis within the care home sector with the profession being unable to attract younger talent. It remains to be seen whether the high percentage of older adult social care managers will continue into the future but if it does it poses another problem for the already heavily pressurised business of care home management.

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