Tribunal rules Dr Bawa-Garba can return to work

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A medical tribunal has ruled that Dr Bawa-Garba can return to work, but only under close supervision. Dr Bawa-Garba was found guilty to gross negligence manslaughter over the death of Jack Adcock. The Tribunal stated that Dr Bawa-Garba had taken a significant amound of remediation and the chance of her putting another patient at unwarranted risk of harm was low.

In 2017 Dr Bawa-Gaba was suspended from the medical register for a year, but the General Medical Council appealed against the decision and in January 2018 she was struck off at the High Court. The case was subsequently taken to the Court of Appeal and in August Dr Bawa-Garba won her bid to be reinstated.

Jenny Vaughan, Law and Policy Officer for the Doctor’s Association UK, has said:

“Dr Bawa-Garba was working in appalling conditions that day in an NHS hospital…there is a culture of blame in the NHS at the moment which, if left unchecked, will mean patient safety is not what it should be as staff will be too scared to admit their mistakes”

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