Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) publishes ‘top ten’ tips to help people make right social care choice

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The disability charity, Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG), has published guidance to help people who are worrying about how they can pick the best social care support for them or their family. Labelled ‘Top ten tips when choosing a support provider’, the list is designed to help people consider the difference between support from a care provider, directly employing a care worker themselves and other types of support such as home care technology.

The VODG suggests people assessed as requiring support under the Care Act 2014 will be able to make a knowledgeable choice about their care if they confirm what their first impressions are and ask the provider a series of questions. These include:

  • What is the cost of the support and what does it include?
  • What is the complaints procedure?
  • How can care agreements be ended?
  • Check how the provider will make sure you are safe and supported properly

As well as this, the guidance sets out the pros and cons of different types of social care and it includes a ‘jargon buster’ that helps to put social care terminology into plain English.

The list appears to be both practical and easy-to-use for anyone who is concerned about how to find the best social care support for either themselves or a loved one. VODG chief executive, Rhidian Hughes said that the guidance “equips people with a list of detailed questions so they can make a well-informed choice and navigate what can at times be a daunting system”.

The vast majority of providers will already have this information contained in their promotional materials but it is worth ensuring that you have such details to hand to provide to perspective clients who may enquire about your services.

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