A number of major care provider bodies argue care homes are ‘ill-equipped’ for DoLs replacement.

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A number of the major care provider bodies have produced an analysis of the governments revised impact assessment of the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill, which would introduce LPS. Their argument is that care homes and their staff would be inadequately trained and funded to carry out the roles under the new framework that would replace DoLs.

They have said that the result could be higher fees for residents subject to LPS, and smaller care homes closing.  A major criticism still revolves around the role of care home managers in the new proposed system. A point strongly rejected by the provider bodies and other organisations is the half a day training for care homes managers to get up to speed with their new responsibilities. As well as the lack of money put aside for training, criticism has also been made on the failure to allocate any resources to care homes for their new responsibilities, with money given to responsible bodes instead.

The bill is currently on the verge of becoming law as we wait whilst the House of Commons and Lords agree a final version.

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