About Us

Ridouts offers legal, operational and strategic advice to health and social care providers. Ridouts has the single purpose of delivering time sensitive, effective and results driven advice to the health and social care sector.

Our clients often find themselves in daunting and unchartered situations. The combination of staff skill mix, knowledge and experience means that our clients receive an expert service which helps them to find solutions to often complex situations.

Ridouts is exclusively a champion for providers. We do not want to compromise our position or yours and therefore do not act for regulators, service users or commissioners. We pride ourselves in our ability to marshal our resources quickly. We are well placed to act immediately. Facing any regulator or commissioner can be a daunting prospect. Understanding what they can and cannot do will help to empower you and stand your ground against often over officious regulators and commissioning authorities. We are here to fight your corner.

Ridouts provides advice and training to build lasting relationships with its clients. Unlike traditional lawyers, rather than simply telling clients what their options are, we integrate ourselves into the client’s value chain to offer expert insight and high-quality advice in the most efficient manner so that the client feels that we are an extension of their management team.

We provide proactive, practical solutions with a goal of achieving sustainable regulatory compliance as quickly as possible. We use our knowledge in this sector to suggest the best solution to often intricate problems. Running a health and social care business can be tough, but working together we can help lighten the load.

Our Approach

Ridouts is unique in that it only advises providers of health and social care and other bodies that advise the sector, such as other law firms looking for our expertise. This specialism means that, not only, do we know the law that governs the sector, we also know the nuances that come into play. After all there is no textbook way of operating a care business and you need solicitors that don’t just know the regulations, but how to interpret them in the context of multi-faceted pressures, conflicting stakeholder input, and put simply, what the day job looks like for you.

Our commitment to our clients and refusal to act for regulators or any other stakeholder that may not have the best interest of providers at heart is one of our unique features and the reason many of our clients trust us with their affairs.

Our client work is driven by a deep understanding of the sector along with our focus on fairness and the need to hold national regulators and commissioning authorities to account.

Balancing regulatory requirements, political pressures and in some instances government targets alongside delivering safe and quality care can be a challenge. We understand those challenges and work to get the best results for you, whatever your circumstances. Often very tight timescales are issued by health and social care regulators in which to put your case forward.

We pride ourselves in our ability to get to work immediately. Whether you need someone to support you at a meeting at the last minute, or to make a persuasive case at short notice, we are well placed to act as quickly as possible. Our strength lies in our people. It also lies in how we organise ourselves. We are big enough to be effective, yet small enough to provide a flexible, personal and bespoke service where you take centre stage.


I got through to Paul immediately and he told me what to do there and then; I didn’t realise how limited the Local Authority’s powers were.
They are saviours! They rescued my business – they are worth every penny!
You feel that you get both legal advice and consultancy, borne out of many years of dealing with regulators
Caroline came back to me immediately with a high quality, considered response.
I was immediately impressed with Jenny’s knowledge in legal matters and how care homes work at a business level.
I went to their symposium – it was a big investment of time – but it was wonderful – I learnt a lot and like the way they spoke – easy to understand, clear, friendly – I would definitely use them if I needed to – and would absolutely recommend them.
I know for a fact that the CQC fear Ridouts – they know you are taking it seriously if you work with Ridouts.
Knowing they only work for care providers adds trust in them
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