Charities ask PM to address ageing population social care crisis

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A number of charities have written to the Prime Minister requesting that the Government set up a commission to address the deep problems with the UK healthcare system. The letter states that a quarter of the population of the UK is projected to be over 65 in a little over 20 years’ time. It calls on the Government to act to find a sustainable solution for the NHS and social care which takes into account the needs of local populations. An extract from the letter follows:

“The UK is facing monumental demographic challenges – nearly a quarter of the population will be over the age of 65 in just over twenty years’ time. There is no room for complacency. We need to ensure we have an NHS and social care system that is fit for purpose otherwise it is the elderly, disabled people and their carers who will bear the brunt of inaction.

Bold long term thinking is required about the size, shape and scope of services we want the NHS and social care to provide – and an honest debate about how much as a society we are prepared to pay for them.

It is vital that you meet the challenge posed by an ageing society, and an underfunded care system, head on and establish a cross-party Commission to review the future of health and social care in England.”

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