Childcare providers must notify Ofsted of significant events online

From 28 January 2021, Ofsted-registered childminders, nannies, nurseries and all other childcare providers must use an online notification form to inform Ofsted about significant events. Providers should no longer notify Ofsted by phone or email and should instead use the online notification form to notify Ofsted of significant events.

 Significant events

 Childcare providers should notify Ofsted about significant events as soon as it is practical and in any case within 14 days of a notifiable event happening. Failing to notify Ofsted of a significant or notifiable event can lead to prosecution.

Ofsted must be informed about the following:

  • the death of a child
  • where a person’s suitability to look after children might be affected, including:
    • involvement with social services or the police
    • something significant affecting their health
  • events that might affect the smooth running of the childcare, such as a fire or flooding at the premises
  • serious accidents, injuries or illnesses to a child, including confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus)
  • food poisoning affecting 2 or more children

Providers must also tell Ofsted about any allegations of serious harm or abuse anywhere by any person at the premises who is:

  • living there
  • working there
  • looking after children there

For full guidance on what is classed as a notifiable event or serious incident, providers should refer to Ofsted’s early years and childcare compliance handbook.

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