Council funding unlikely to meet the cost of social care if action is not taken

Topics covered: health and social care, local authority

A study undertaken by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that council funding will continue to fail to meet the cost of social care in the years to come even if council taxes were raised by the maximum currently allowed (4% per year).

Council’s would still need additional £1.6 billion by 2024-25 to meet adult social care funding needs.

It does not appear that the figures published take into account the level of current underfunding of private providers for social care which, if properly factored in, would widen the deficit in funding for social care provision for Councils’ further still.

This study comes prior to the December election and the publication of manifestos from the political parties. The Government had turned its mind to the social care funding issue with the often promised not yet delivered green paper on social care but this has been mothballed, much like all other non-Brexit business that has been raised in recent years.



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