CQC Ratings System to Apply to Care Homes

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The Government is expected to announce that a system of special measures designed to improve failing hospitals will be extended to care homes and domiciliary care agencies.

The CQC is set to apply their ratings-system currently used on failing hospitals to care homes. The process was introduced by CQC following the public inquiry into the Stafford Hospital scandal where the first 11 failing trusts were placed in special measures.  Since then another six hospital trusts have been placed in special measures after critical inspections.

The ratings, which are expected to come into force during April 2015, fall into one of four broad categories;

  • Inadequate
  • Requires Improvement
  • Good
  • Outstanding

The ratings system, expected to be announced by the government, has received a mixed response from individuals in the healthcare sector.

Chairwoman of the Relatives and Residents’ Association, Judy Downey, said: “The CQC have always had the power to close a home on an emergency basis, they can give warnings to improve, they can impose fines. I really don’t see what this adds.”

Under the new system 25,000 services will be covered. Services will receive a rating of outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate.

A detailed analysis of the ratings-system can be accessed HERE

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