CQC regulation of Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment

On 15 March 2022 the government revoked the regulations relating to Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment (VCOD). However, as VCOD has been in force and applicable to care homes since 11 November 2021, the CQC has been inspecting care homes against the VCOD regulation since that date. The CQC has released a statement on what it will do now that the regulation has been revoked, stating that:

“Each location that was found in breach of regulation 12(3) will have their inspection report reviewed in respect of these changes. We will assess whether the location’s rating has been affected by this removal and take necessary action to ensure our assessment of a service meets applicable regulations. We will be treating each location individually and assessing the particular circumstances.”

This will be welcomed news for care home providers who, since November 2020, were found in breach of VCOD.

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