CQC’s new Registering the Right Support Guidance published

CQC’s new Registering the Right Support Guidance has been published today called “Right support, right care, right culture”.

It outlines three key factors that #CQC expects providers to consider if they want to care for autistic people and/or people with a learning disability:

  1. The model of care and setting should maximise people’s choice, control and independence
  2. Care should be person-centred and promote people’s dignity, privacy and human rights
  3. The ethos, values, attitudes and behaviours of leaders and care staff should ensure people using services lead confident, inclusive and empowered lives.

On the so called “6 bed rule” Kate Terroni has said:

“While CQC use NICE guidance in describing what ‘small’ means for how they apply their approach, this is not the same as having an absolute upper limit for the size of services. CQC have never applied a six-bed limit in their registration or inspection assessments and will continue to register based on care that is person-centred, and promotes choice, inclusion, control and independence.”

How this will be applied in practice remains to be seen.

The new guidance can be accessed here.




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