Cuts to children’s services leading to crisis, warns charities

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A recent report by the Children’s Society has said local authority children’s services are being reduced to crisis-driven firefights because of central government funding cuts. The most hardest hit part has been early intervention services, designed to prevent problems escalating and children suffering a crisis. Due to this issue, councils have only been getting involved when children are already reaching crisis point. This plays the risk of there being more expensive interventions, such as the child being taken into care.

Sadly, this news comes at a time when there is a big demand for children’s services.

Matthew Reed, the chief executive of the Children’s Society, said:-

“Councils are being denied the funding they need to provide safe, effective children’s services and spending on vital support is collapsing as a result.

“We are at a tipping point, with more cuts yet to come. The government must step up and give councils the funds they need to protect our children.”

A government spokesperson said: “Councils have a duty to provide appropriate care for the children in their area, including responding to referrals.

“We are supporting them to deliver efficient services by investing £200m in the children’s social care innovation programme – this includes projects providing targeted support for children in need.”

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