Is Thailand the new frontier for Brits seeking affordable dementia care?

Topics covered: care home, government, Immigration law, local authority

With care costs proving to be unaffordable for some Brits, Thailand has emerged as an option for those who seek to more affordable options. It is estimated that around the clock 24 hour one to one care in Thailand costs as little as £750 per week in comparison to £1800 per week on average in the UK for the same level of care.

Lower staffing and accommodation costs in Thailand combine to create the affordable care environment in Thailand. One crucial issue with taking such a leap is the obvious geographical isolation from friends and relatives. Prospective customers of the Thai care market will have to be reassured of issues relating to how quality of care is monitored and any immigration points that will arise with emigration. Whilst there is little research into the size of the care sector in Thailand, it remains an option that is becoming increasingly popular.

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