NHS England to set up new specialist community mental health teams for high risk patients

Topics covered: Jaime Streete, Mental Health, NHS

NHS England is currently preparing to invest in setting up a new specialist forensic community mental health team across the country. These teams will help high acuity patients by supporting them safely assimilate back into the community.

Providers will have the opportunity to bid up to £1.2m to expand treatment for mental health patients who pose the highest risk to the public.

One of the key aims behind the initiative is to free up beds which are often full due to inappropriate out of area placements. It is therefore hoped that the new teams will help reduce out of area placements by moving lower acuity patients out of inpatient settings and back into the community and ultimately closer to their homes.

Although much is still to be decided. It is currently uncertain how many successful bids will be chosen or where the funding will be coming from. NHS England is expected to have conversations with trust leaders this month – after such conversations, the bidding process is expected to be opened.

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