NHS Neglecting Care Home Residents

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A recent study published by the CQC and the British Geriatrics Society has shown that the healthcare needs of elderly service users are being neglected in some Primary Care Trusts.

The majority of PCT’s assess the needs of people who live in their own homes. This means that the needs of service users living in care homes may be overlooked. There are thousands of residents living in care homes across the country, many of whom are frail and have poor health.

According to the president of the British Geriatrics Society the NHS separated from care homes when they became private sector nursing homes. The effect of this is that residents may have missed out on community health services because there is the notion that they are being looked after by their care homes.   The British Geriatrics Society has the view that the NHS must meet the needs of care home residents to allow for patient focused care and fair access.

Many care home residents need access to a variety of medical services and only 43% PCTs made all of these services available to care home residents.

When the health changes come into force, the CQC will no longer have responsibility for monitoring the work of commissioners. There is the fear that the needs of care home residents may be neglected.

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