Research reveals approved mental health professionals are under significant pressure

Topics covered: Ridouts professional advice

The pressures on the AMHP workforce have never been greater, according to a Community Care Freedom of Information request. As the number of detentions rise by 50% per year, it appears the number of AMHP’s continues to shrink.

Various councils have reported concerns about an ageing workforce and the potential to lose more experienced AMHPs in the next few years. Training and recruitment of more professionals to occupy the role is an ever-increasing issue as well.

The reason for the introduction of the AMHP role was to improve the professional diversity of the workforce, by training mental health and learning disability nurses, occupational nurses and psychologists.

The upcoming review of the Mental Health Act might help to ease pressure on AMHPs due to national reforms. One of the reviews main objectives is to review the rise in detention rates. AMPHs have asked for the review to call for tougher rules concerning the duties of other agencies.

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