Serious Case Reviews

Serious Case Reviews

The death of a child in your care can be very distressing. Involve a Local Safeguarding Children Board,
regulators and the police and the process can be both daunting and overwhelming. Ridouts can help
guide you through a Serious Case Review Process, which can involve many interested stakeholders.

Services include:

  • Advising providers on the process to be followed;
  • Advising providers in relation to their Individual Management Report in order to protect their position (especially whilst there are on-going regulatory and police investigations);
  • Challenging aspects of the process which are procedurally unfair;
  • Challenging the Overview Report and Executive Summary to ensure they accurately reflect a provider’s position;
  • Reviewing documentation requested of the regulators and police to advice on whether there are any areas of potential concern.

Ridouts is well placed to advice a provider during a Serious Case Review which are often document heavy detail driven investigations.

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