The Alzheimer’s Society calls for more money for dementia care to avoid hospital visits

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The Alzheimer’s Society has called for more money to be made available for dementia care. In 2017, the charity undertook a ‘Fix Dementia Care’ campaign. This found that a total of 50,000 people with dementia were rushed to A&E in 2017 when this could have been prevented through proper care in the community.

The charity are calling for £2.4 billion to be made available for dementia care. As it stands, an increase in avoidable A&E admissions in the past five years has cost between £350-400 million per year. People with dementia are the biggest users of adult social care services.

Funding by dementia charities has led to research into new dementia drug therapies. The Head of Policy at the charity, Gavin Terry, has said that “early diagnosis is the key to getting good support.”

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