Whether you are an NHS or private dentist you are subject to regulation.  This is both at provider level, by the CQC and an individual level, by the General Dental Council.

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Cancellation, Suspension, or Variation of Conditions of registration

The CQC has extensive enforcement powers which, if exercised, can have a major impact on your dentist provider registration.
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Inspection Reports and Factual Accuracy Comments

Dental practices can suffer reputational, staffing and financial damage as a result of an inaccurate inspection report.
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Section 64 Request

The CQC can ask a dental practice to provide it with information and documentation under Section 64 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008. This usually happens because the CQC has a concern about the provider.
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Warning/Fixed Penalty Notices

The CQC can issue a Warning Notice or a Fixed Penalty Notice to a dental practice where there has been a failing to comply with a legal requirement.
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Professional Disciplinary

Health and social care providers who are also registered as dentists often have to deal with a two-pronged attack from their provider and professional regulators.
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Regulatory Due Diligence

Ridouts is well placed to offer a health and social care regulatory due diligence service which will add value to any acquisition or divestment.
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Ridouts puts on training events for the sector and can also provide tailored in-house training to you and your staff.
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Fitness to Practice

Are you a healthcare professional facing a disciplinary or Fitness to Practice Investigation?
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